Conscious Luxury

Conscious Luxury is an approach that embodies both indulgence and responsibility. It emphasizes that the choices we make can be both elegant and ethical, offering high-quality products that do not compromise on social or environmental standards. As we continually strive for sustainability, we acknowledge that perfection is a journey. Our commitment to this path is demonstrated through the sustainable badges our manufacturers have earned, indicating our use of organic and recycled materials wherever possible.



While we aim for 100% organic and recycled content, some products may still feature conventional cotton among other materials. It's a transition in progress, with the majority of our products proudly achieving our sustainable goals. Remember, every purchase you make furthers environmental causes such as ocean cleanup, coral restoration, and kelp farming, as highlighted in our 'Saving the Ocean' section.

Furthermore, we've embraced a print-on-demand model to ensure that no excess inventory is produced, eliminating the need for large warehousing and reducing waste. Each item is specially crafted when ordered, aligning with our vision of conscious luxury and mindful consumption.

In our dedication to transparency and your peace of mind, we've made it simple to identify our most sustainable offerings. Products adorned with a sustainable leaf- circle (see symbol below) are a testament to our eco-friendly promise, featuring organic and/or recycled materials. This symbol is your assurance that with each purchase, you're choosing not just luxury, but a legacy of environmental stewardship.

Embrace a world where luxury and responsibility converge.
Every choice you make has the power to forge a better future. 


Browse our collection and make your mark with a purchase that carries purpose. 

Join us today in this sustainable journey — because luxury should not just feel good, but also do good.  #consciousluxury #calolimoment